Pousada Les Roches


  Les Roches. The most sophisticated haven of Itaipava.


  • Pool and Pool Bar
  • Massage Room
  • Dry Sauna
  • Tennis Court
  • Exercise Room
  • Ride
  • Gourmet
  • Home Theater
  • Library
  • Pool with jacuzzi and water heated
  • Biciclte and Golf

In addition to all this, you have at your disposal a golf course 6 hole, par 3, ideal for anyone wanting to learn the sport . The view is wonderful and the advantage of breathing the fresh mountain air.

If you prefer to enjoy nature practicing riding, a good suggestion are the horses in farms near the Inn.

Besides relaxing in the massage room, you can also choose to be a massage in his own cottage, or relax in the spa pool with heated water for up to 7 people.

A select range of books and DVDs (movies and shows) are at your disposal, and which may be assisted in the suites, chalets or home theater. Accommodations also feature LCD TV with 32-inch TV in the cabins and suites with flat screen in programming with SKY if you so prefer.


Existence is a fact. Living is an Art …


The art of living is on the understanding that human beings are part and parcel of nature, constituting an organic whole, dynamic and looking for a balance .

Aromas and vegetable oils are flavored elements of nature that aggregates the massage techniques vibrate harmony and serenity.

dedicate our host who want to reconnect with nature, making the very existence an art.

Treatment Options


Technique used: Slip surface, associated with lymphatic drainage and shiatsu.
Benefits: improves the wavy appearance of the skin, muscle and mental relaxation.
Duration: 1 hour


Benefits: Regulation of energy circulation.
Duration: 1 hour


Benefits: Fighting the flab, adiposity, tones muscles and helps circulation.
Duration: 1 hour


Benefits: Relaxing, reduces stress and awakens the energy. Leaves skin supple and promotes lymphatic drainage.
Duration: 1 hour


Benefits: Transmit power, causing sedative response . Improves organ function and eliminates stress, toxins and increases skin oxygenation.
Duration: 1 hour

Massages must be scheduled in advance.
Contact: reservas@pousadalesroches.com.br 
or by phone: 24 2291 9091

Les Roches. The most sophisticated haven of Itaipava.